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TC-616 Six Way Stereo Speaker/Amplifier selector

TC-616 Instruction   
TC-616 is an advanced designed but simple to use stereo speaker/amplifier selector which allows you to:
1. Select between several stereo amplifiers or stereo receivers to power just one pair of speakers.
2. Select from several pairs of speakers for comparison purposes,

It is ideally use as amplifier comparator to connects any one of up to six stereo amplifiers to one speaker pair and
use as speaker comparator to connects any one of up to six speaker pairs to one stereo amplifier

It is suitable for home or audio Hi-Fi shop to use as a comparator to compare the performance of different speakers
and amplifiers.


Mode 1- Use as Amplifier comparator



Mode 2- Use as Speaker comparator




Passive design, no power required.
Power rating 100 watts
Select between up to six amps or speaker pairs
Stick-on vinyl descriptor sheet to allow custom labeling.
Independent channel L & R ground paths for compatibility with all Amplifiers.
Push terminals provide quick and safe connection for speaker up to 12 gauge.
Robust, deluxe steel metal housing.Dimension:250mm x 110mm x 45mm.




Export carton






20 pcs


18 kgs


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