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TC-781 Multiple stereo input selector

TC-781 is a 8 way compact table top selector provides cost effective selection of up to eight stereo sources into the line level input of an amplifier.

If too many sources and not enough analog inputs and no open input to connect your new phono preamp and urntable to, TC-781 is the solution for
these problem, it providing 8 stereo inputs while only utilizing one on your stereo.

One audio devices/location name and blank labels included so you can easily designate and remember which switches control your various audio
sources, All switches are interlocked; selecting a new source released the previous selected input.

Ideal when multiple sources are present, such as TV sound, Video sound, PC or Laptop, portable media players, CD or DVD players, and similar
devices, and all need to be switched into a single sound system





• Accepts 8 stereo line level sources
• Passive device, no power required
• Individual pushbuttons for each input
• Input/output through gold plated RCA sockets
• Sturdy metal case shields against interference and noise
• Stick-on vinyl source name label for custom labeling
• Dimension: 207mm (L) X 130mm (W) X 43.5mm (H)  





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Cardboard box


20 pcs

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