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TC-ADUSB Digital Audio Converter


TC-ADUSB is a portable highly accurate digital audio converter, it is a plug and play soundcard device, no external
power required, (power is supplied via its USB cable connection from PC or laptop). It required no driver ( Nonetheless
we do provide the OEM driver download for Windows XP and later) and can capture the sound of any audio source,
digitized and output to computer through USB cable to allow you play/record the sound or music and edit in your preference.


If you are looking for a simple and quick way to connect your turntable and preamp to your computer for recording or
listening, It doesn't get easier than this. Simply plug your phono preamp output (or any other line level source) into our
TC-ADUSB, connect its USB cable into your Mac or Windows computer, and go to it! Either analog port (one RCA,
one 3.5mm stereo jack) can be used for input; the second port provides a pass-thru signal to feed to your stereo
receiver or amp, so you can listen thru your stereo and computer simultaneously.

Unlike many other USB audio adaptors, the record level controls and meters in your audio editing software will work
with ours






Plug and play; works with Windows OS versions Win98SE and later, with Linux, and with Mac OS X
USB 2.0; backward compatible with earlier USB versions
Sturdy water resistant zipper pouch
44.1/48kHz sampling rate, 16 bit resolution (CD quality)
Dynamic range: 88dB, THD+N -79~-84dB 


Package Weight  Export carton N.W G.W Dimension
Zip-lock bag 74 gm 100 pcs 7.5 kgs 9 kg 1.8'



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