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TC-7240 Line level audio router

This compact switcher box allows connection of up to four stereo sources, between two amplifiers.
The sources and outputs can be selected via two rotary knobs on the front of the box. Ideal for
multiple sound sources such as DVD, tuner, video player etc. Designed to provide distortion free
audio to your Home Theater System.


Enables the connection of 4 RCA stereo audio sources or 1 stereo 3.5mm audio source to the
  stereo input between 2 amplifiers (When 3.5mm input on front panel is utilized it switches from
  Aux 4 rear input)
Heavy duty solid metal case.
․ Connections via high end gold plated RCA/phono sockets
Turntable earthing connection 
Pre-printed equipment labels
No external power required.


Type: Audio Switch Inputs - 4x (L+R RCA/Phono socket)
Inputs: 3.5mm stereo socket (when connected, aux 4 in rear is switched)
Outputs: 2x (L+R RCA/Phono socket)
Housing: 1.2mm Galvanized Steel
Dimensions: 240mm(W) - 50mm(H) -140mm(D)

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