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TC-780LC Stereo Line Level Booster

This compact device is a stereo amplifier designed to boost the output of virtually any line level audio source (such as TV audio,
video games,MP3 players, iPod etc) up to 20 dB Such a boost may be required to bump maximum output level so as to match
other sources, or to allow the use of a longer than normal cable run between components.

One common application combining both of these abilities is providing the gain needed to drive a long cable when connecting a
TV's audio output to a stereo located some distance away. for instance on opposite sides of a room.. Connected in series
following any of our phono preamps,

The TC-780LC can be used to correct the annoying level mismatch caused by very low output MM cartridge brands such as B&O.
Another possible use is the addition of a volume control between a line level source and a power amp which has no output level
adjustment of its own.




Offers high and stable performance with low noise and high gain.
Accepts input from pre-amp output and boost to appropriate level suitable for power amplifier.
Input gain adjustable.
Input/output through paralleled DIN & RCA jacks
3.5mm stereo jack in front panel for mp3/Aux input (Mini-jack input is overrode RCA input)
Deluxe strong metal cabinet.
Color available: Black or silver


Frequency Response: 20 - 20 kHz, +/- 0.5 dB
Audio Distortion:  0.06% Max
Input Sensitivity: 150mV @ 2Volts Output
Gain: 20 dB (Variable)
Cross talk: 60 dB at any audio frequency
S/N ratio:   >80 dB
Connectors: 3.5mm ,RCA and DIN sockets


Package Weight Carton N.W G.W Dimension
Giftbox 670 gm 20 pcs 15 kgs 16.5 kgs 2.0'




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