Brief Introduction
Company Name Technolink Enterprise Co.
Established May 1990 in Taipei, Taiwan
Capital U$1,000,000
Sales Turnover 2010: U$3,000,000
Organization General manager: James Chan
Export Department: Angela Chan
Chief engineer: David Chang
Employees 8 in Taipei head-office
20 in factory
Main market Europe and North America from direct sales
World wide through local Exporter
Main Products Audio selector, video selector, speaker selector, speaker volume control, Phono pre-amp,Line preamp
Scart video controls, Audio & Video Cables, Selectors,Fiber Optic Cables,
Adapters, Connectors, A/D & D/A Converters,Various A/V, Computer and RF Connectors, all kind of electronics products
Company History

In the beginning, the company was concentrating on the trading of audio, Video accessories, electronic products and miscellaneous items upon Customers' requirement. this type of business continuous till 1992, we Started to engage the production to meet the competition of the market. Since then, we are growing steadily year by year.

Now we have main office in Taipei and subsidiary in Taiwan plus joint-venture in China to produce various AV products to export to overseas mainly Europe and North America markets.
OEM and ODM has been our main business since company established, such Policy help us
to gain the confidence and continuous support from customers Owing to our quality outstanding service and high quality policy.

Quality Statement
The quality policy of Technolink is prompting continuously never stop and do every way we can upgrade the products and creating new products to share with customers as we fully Aware that
the new products will create more business opportunity for customers
Company policy
Honesty in business, manufacturing quality products and providing good
Service to customers
Apart from our manufacturing products, we continuously play the role of buying agent, Exporter for miscellaneously products but mainly are electronics related.

Technolink Enterprise Co.
7F,No. 69-7,Section. 2, Zhong Zheng East. Rd ,DanShui District, NewTaipei city, Taiwan (25170)
Tel : 886-2-2809-5832 (Rep)    Fax : 886-2-2809-5836
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